Jim Fisher, PE, QSD/QSP

Jim Fisher, PE, QSD/QSP, is a California registered Professional Civil Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the planning, design, and delivery of civil engineering projects.  Early in his career, Jim focused on private land development projects, but over most of the past decade, he has expanded his portfolio to include public works projects for local jurisdictions including Placerville, Lincoln, Folsom, and Plymouth.  Jim has performed a wide range of services over his career including: preparing tentative map and entitlement packages; preparing drainage, sewer, and water studies; preparing grading and improvement plans for land development projects, including commercial properties and subdivisions; providing outside plan check reviews;  preparing plot plans;  preparing plans, specifications, and estimates for publicly funded projects including utility infrastructure improvements and roadway widening and rehabilitation; preparing and implementing SWPPPs; and serving as resident engineer for several publicly funded projects.  This wide range of experience gives him a solid base to manage the various aspects of engineering services required for infrastructure improvement projects.  In addition to having personal experience performing the work, Jim has also managed several projects requiring oversight of and coordination with varied disciplines including environmental, geotechnical, traffic, and surveying services.  Over his career, Jim has coordinated with multiple public agencies, including local jurisdictions and Caltrans Local Assistance.

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