Mobile LiDAR

Our geospatial services group is highly experienced using the RIEGL VMX-250-CS6 Mobile Laser Scanning and Camera System, which has been rigorously field-tested on projects across the country and as far away as Alaska and Australia. Capable of performing 600,000 time-of-flight measurements per second at traffic speeds, with spatial resolution capabilities of 10 mm, the VMX-250-CS6 is ideally suited for high-density 3D mapping of corridors such as highways, streets, stockpiles, railroads and transmission lines.

Uniquely compact and easily mounted onto a variety of vehicles,the VMX-250-CS6 can be shipped to virtually every country in the world providing a user-friendly workflow, seamless integration of INS, GNSS, DMI, user configurable camera systems, and two laser scanners.  The rapid data capture capabilities of our mobile mapping system enables R.E.Y. to provide adaptive and detail-rich surveying that is accurate, safe, fast and cost-efficient.

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