Bathymetric Surveys

R.E.Y.’s most recent technology offering is the integration of our Riegl VMX-250-CS6 Mobile LiDAR scanning system with multibeam sonar.

Topographic and hydrographic survey data are traditionally acquired during multiple field missions, using disparate technologies, positioning systems, survey control and perhaps even different contractors. As a result, “marrying” of the data is often problematic.

R.E.Y.’s successful integration of LiDAR and sonar technologies simultaneously acquires both terrestrial and bathymetric survey data from a single mobile platform/survey vessel, eliminating the difference in location data and producing a near-seamless, homogeneous dataset from which a multitude of engineering, surveying, hydrographic and environmental products may be derived.

  • Advantages of a combined multibeam survey include:
  • Captures limited access areas such as shoreline, bank and levees
  • Captures complete field conditions
  • Shared positioning data
  • Near seamless data capture
  • Single mobilization of equipment and personnel
  • Survey data detail and density unsurpassed by any other means
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