Willow Creek Estates Storm Drain Lining

Project Name: Willow Creek Estates Storm Drain Lining
Location: Folsom, CA
Client: City of Folsom

Services Provided:

• Project Management
• Capacity Evaluation
• PS&E
• Construction Support

The City of Folsom experienced a sink hole within the Willow Creek Estates subdivision, caused by the failure of an underground storm drainage system which was near the end of its useful life. R.E.Y. reviewed videos of the existing underground storm drainage system, and underground conduit was found to be failing in several locations. R.E.Y. evaluated options for the rehabilitation of the underground system which included fusible PVC and Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP). R.E.Y. consulted with several contractors to determine expected construction costs and feasibility for both options, determined that CIPP was the preferred rehabilitation method, analyzed capacity changes associated with the installation of the selected option, and prepared improvement plans for the rehabilitation of the storm drain conduits. R.E.Y. provided construction drawings, bid support, and on-site construction observation.

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