SR 91 Corridor Improvements Design-Build
Riverside and Orange Counties, CA

Client: Towill, Inc.

  • Services Provided:
  • Mobile LiDAR Scanning
  • Data Extraction
  • Design Surveys

As R.E.Y.’s largest mobile LiDAR production to date, SR 91’s improvements included new freeway lanes, connectors, and toll/express lanes that extended the existing SR 91 express lanes into Riverside County. Totaling $650 million, this design-build project included nearly 175 lane-miles of scan data acquisition totaling 5.8 billion points.

The LiDAR was scanned over the course of four nights, with MAZEEP Work Zone Enforcement provided by the California Highway Patrol. R.E.Y. Engineers delivered final LAS files to the project’s prime survey contractor for design data extraction.

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