Sacramento Airport Terminal B Automated People Mover
Sacramento County, CA

Client: Granite Construction

  • Services Provided:
  • Project Control
  • Station Platform As-Built Surveys
  • Station Door As-Built Surveys
  • Station Layout
  • Superstructure As-Built Surveys
  • Superstructure Pre and Post Construction Camber Surveys
  • Baseline Layout
  • Detailed Guideway Layout
  • Construction Staking

Part of an overall $1 billion terminal modernization project at Sacramento International Airport, R.E.Y. Engineers spearheaded the surveying of a guideway system that connects two stations to the already existing superstructure of the Sacramento International Airport.

Coined the Automated People Mover, this system was created by two separate construction teams while R.E.Y. Engineers provided project control where surveys were taken to verify design conformance and provide supplemental layout for the system.

R.E.Y. field surveyors utilized a Trimble High Precision 1” Total Station and a Leica digital level to achieve and maintain the tight tolerances necessary for the project.

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