Lincoln Sewer Hot Spots
Lincoln, CA

Project Name: Lincoln Sewer Hot Spots
Location: Lincoln, CA
Client: City of Lincoln

Services Provided:

• Project Management
• Preliminary Design Engineering
• PS&E
• Bid Support
• Construction Support
• As-Built Drawings

R.E.Y. provided project management and civil design services for this locally-funded project to replace existing sewer lines that were not functioning as designed in four locations. Rehabilitation was necessary to reduce the frequency of maintenance and pumping out of the systems. The project consisted of replacing sewer main lines, installing new sewer manholes, replacing sewer service laterals, installing end of main sewer cleanouts, and rehabilitating one storm drain manhole due to deficiencies. Prior to design, R.E.Y. coordinated with the Public Service Department to determine the cause of increased maintenance and to evaluate and discuss potential solutions. A Pre-Design Memo was prepared, and the findings of the memo served as the basis for services during the design phase.

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