Greenstone Road and Culvert System Management Plan
Placerville, CA

Project Name: Greenstone Road and Culvert System Management Plan
Location: Placerville, CA
Client: Greenstone Country Owners Association (GCOA)

Services Provided:

• Project Management
• Site Assessment
• Final Report
• GIS Mapping

R.E.Y. Engineers prepared the Road System Management Plan for the Greenstone Country Owners Association (GCOA). The Plan was developed to guide the budgeting and planning of maintenance and replacement of transportation infrastructure including roadways, shoulders and drainage culverts. The project was prompted by a culvert failure on Stagecoach Road where heavy rains undermined Indian Creek’s culvert crossing. Pavement was inspected, pavement core samples were collected and culverts were inspected. The plan reported the Pavement Condition Index (PCI), condition of culverts and provided road and culvert maintenance recommendations.  Subsequent to the preparation of the Road and Culvert System Management Plan, R.E.Y. assisted with systematically implemented the recommendations of the plan.  These activities included cleaning of culverts, the replacement of failing culverts, and the repair of surface roads with digouts, full depth reconstruction, and microsurface.

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