East Side Water and Sewer Line Replacement
Lincoln, CA

Project Name:  East Side Water and Sewer Line Replacement
Location:  Lincoln, CA
Client:  City of Lincoln

Services Provided:

  • Project Management
  • Sewer line condition assessment
  • Sewer & water main and service line replacement design
  • Sewer service cleanout replacement design
  • Water meter replacement design
  • Fire hydrant and fire service line replacement design
  • Alternative pipe materials assessment
  • Prepared documentation for waiver request to State Water Resources Control Board
  • PS&E
  • Bid support
  • Construction support
  • Project closeout

R.E.Y. provided a full range of project management and civil design services for this locally-funded, sewer and water line replacement project which replaced 4,000 linear feet of waterlines, replaced water service connections, meter boxes and hydrants, removed and replaced approximately 3,800 linear feet of existing sanitary sewer pipe, modified and added manholes, and removed and replaced approximately 65 sewer services from the cleanout to the main.  Part of the sewer design effort included evaluation of the existing mains to determine the appropriate rehabilitation method (CIPP lining, pipe bursting or open trench removal & replacement). Due to the sags, fractures, and root intrusion in the existing mains, open trench replacement was deemed most appropriate. Portions of the sewer main were re-aligned to achieve minimum separation requirements from water main. The design and bid phases of the project were completed ahead of schedule, allowing construction to begin several months ahead of plan.

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