105 Lakeforest Way ADA Improvements
Folsom, CA

Project Name: 105 Lakeforest Way ADA Improvements
Location: Folsom, CA
Client: Garaventa Properties

Services Provided:

• Topographic Survey
• Exterior ADA Compliance Site Assessment
• Exterior ADA Compliance Improvement Plans
• Construction Staking
• Construction Support
• As-Built/Record Drawings

R.E.Y. Engineers provided engineering and surveying services to improve the exterior project site to conform to ADA guidelines. Internal tenant improvements exceeded the construction cost limits set forth in the CBC and triggered full ADA compliance. R.E.Y. evaluated the site for accessibility and assisted with exterior upgrades. Improvements to driveway encroachments, public sidewalks, accessible path of travel from Right of Way to building thresholds, accessible path of travel to all exterior doorways, and path of travel to exterior facilities were made to ensure ADA compliance. Additional drainage improvements were required for the project site.

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