Terrestrial LiDAR

The Leica ScanStation P20 and C10 are the workhorses of our LiDAR data collection tools. Complementing our VMX-250-CS6 Mobile LiDAR systems, R.E.Y.’s ScanStations enable rapid data capture of tunnels, bridges, building interiors and any other area where vehicular access is not an option.

With horizontal ranges of up to 120 and 300 meters and a collection rate of up to 50,000 and 1,000,000 points/sec (respectively), the P20 and C10 ScanStations allow R.E.Y. to cover areas quickly and thoroughly. In addition, with positional accuracies of 3mm and 6mm at a range of 50m, both have proven to be optimal tools when tight tolerances are required, such as for ADA analysis and critical paving designs. In addition to conventional design topographic surveys, our Terrestrial LiDAR systems allow us to offer an array of additional services including:

  • True topside construction as-builts
  • Factory and plant as-builts for inventory and expansion planning
  • Asset management and archiving
  • Land failure monitoring
  • 3D crime and crash scene capture
  • Security planning
  • Marketing proposals

Because the P20 and C10 can measure objects remotely, traffic and lane closures are not required. R.E.Y. has completed many jobs using the P20 and C10, including topographic surveys for expansion and development, stockpile quantity analysis, electrical substation topographic survey and asset management, hydromorphic surveys, home renovation and building models, and much more.

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